Monday, 31 October 2011

ULTRABREAKS NIGHT OF MAYHEM HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Spooky Shenanigans with Ultrabreaks It ’twas’ the Saturday before Halloween, the air clung to the shadows of the night like a frightened girl….until…Ultrabreaks hosted a Mutant Fancy Dress Special to welcome in the ‘witching season’. Suddenly there was a stomping romp in town as all vamps, zombies, weirdos and assorted freaks got themselves down to the Bath Arms for some killer live Rock, Punk, Metal, and the unfathomable. FromeTV were sent all a shiver in this Halo of freakish hell, we mesmerised by the deranged chaos of the HATERS and DOCTOR NUT. Then spellbound by the sparks zipping of the vinyl as Caustic Disko, DJ mutes, Clint Parsnip, Mikael Trifle, Tuppeny Warlok and Needy Daft Klump electrified the vinyl. To top off a supremely hellish night we bumped into visual partner, VJ Ultra, who also features in this film. Nice one Ultrabreaks!

ULTRABREAKS - CAUSTIC DISKO - 2011 from Vj Ultra on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

UltraBreaks return to Club Bijou with a bang !

With it being the SATURDAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN, we thought it was time to host a MUTANT FANCY DRESS SPECIAL to welcome in the 'witching season'....So all you vamps, zombies, weirdos and assorted freaks need to get yourselves down here, we've got some killer live ROCK, PUNK, METAL, and the UNFATHOMABLE, er how can i describe it.. something like PSYCHNOWAVEGARAGEFUNKHIPHO​PBREAKS DJ action spread over two rooms, all on the same night!!!... anyone who came to the amazing HAIRY ANIMALS DISKO night will know the deal is here with the DJ's!

Ok, first of all Room 1 will be bouncing to the deranged chaos that are HATERS and DOCTOR NUT.

HATERS play loud, hard and fast (very!) and are influenced by bands like Billy Talent & The Hives and push the boundries of common courtesy when it come to lyrics (where they're often about pirates, drunkness, dreadful sex and even worse dental care!!) the guys are playing A CLOCKWORK ORANGE THEMED SET, and would like to announce that anyone who comes dressed the part to join in will get a free CD, what a lovely bunch of fellas!

Dr Nut play really bizarre alternative rock set, highly Cardiacs influenced mixed with medi-evil tomfoolery & bonkers lyrics. expect much 'owling about' (you'll have to come to find out what means) and maybe even some norwegian black metal, just for good measure.

If all that isn't enough or doesn't float your boat (you weirdo) Room 2 recoils to return of the CAUSTIC DISKO DJ muties CLINT PARSNIP, MIKAEL TRIFLE, TUPPENY WARLOK and NEEDY DAFT KLUMP who'll dumfound the finest dancers in town with their klonked out brand of crate digging obscurities, old skool funk, charity shop bargains and left field psych oddities, plus the added attraction of our 'King of the telly's' VAUGHN JUBLEES and his bonkers visuals set-up, it's the perfect sideshow distraction.

***SPECIAL OFFER***: We've partnered up with fancy dress specialists ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS of Bath Street, Frome who are generously offering a 10% discount for this night.. just say "UltraBreaks" when hiring your gear!

UltraBreaks @ Club Bijou
Saturday 29th October
20:00 till 01:30 AM
Bar closes at 1:00
£5 on the door

18+ Event